RJ45 connector diagram

How to wire RJ-45 connector on CAT 6 cable

The RJ-45 is most popular items that serve an important purpose of connecting computers to a network. It comes with 4 pairs of wires it means it has 8 wire connectors. It is commonly used for Ethernet networking ports. The RJ-45 commonly used for the devices which includes NICs, Hubs, Switches and Routers. It uses two different types of cables. One is Straight-through cable which is used for connecting a network device to a work station. And another is Cross-over cable for connecting a hub to a switch or another hub. The RJ-45 connector diagram also refers to the arrangement of the pins that are used within the connector and it is most common form of connecting computers to LAN especially Ethernet networks.

The RJ-45 connector is a type of 8 pin 8 contact (8P8C) connector which is used to connect each of the eight wires in an Ethernet cable to a separate pin in the connector. Each eight wires have their own protective and insulating sheath and cable is surrounded by an outer protective jacket. To wire the RJ-45 connector you need to trim the end of the cable at a right angle by making clean cut. You have to be very careful while striping the outer jacket from the cable and be sure that you have not damaged the inner wires. Arrange the wires with the help of RJ-45 connector diagram. The pin1 will be white with orange stripes which should be on your left and pin8 will be brown with white stripes which should be on your right. And make sure that the wire don’t cross or overlap.

Adjust the RJ45 connector properly so that the interface of the connector is facing you and securing clip is on the top. Now insert the each wire into the connector into its selected channel. After it is properly seated into the connector place it into the crimping tool and apply little pressure to make electrical contact with all eight wires. Now you can use to connect with computer or hubs.

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